Principles of Geometry (feat. Alessi Brothers) - Streamsters

Having released their first album in 2005, French duo Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval (aka Principles of Geometry) are not an easy listening. Their electronic music is filled with sonic landscapes where strangeness, desolation, machines and, sometimes, horror have the same importance as nature and ambiance. Principles of Geometry don't seem to be comfortable in just one genre, so they tend to switch their paradigms from album to album. Downtempo and drone experiments were the bulk of their self-titled debut, whereas unexpected injections of krautrock, rock and psycadelia painted their sophomore album, 'Lazare'. And in 2012 they invested in IDM, synthpop and electro while creating 'Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans'.

Now, two years after, they're revealing the first single from 'Meanstream', their fourth album and once again, new lands are being discovered by these two artists. This first taste, titled 'Streamsters', is a downtempo song with sensual grooves and warm rhythms that trully sound completely different from most of Principles of Geometry's previous work. The beats sugest a retro scenery, blending r&b structures with synthetic patterns. The Alessi Brothers (70s/80s legendary duo) provide lush vocals to the song, adding to its already rich and sumptuous dynamics.

The full album will also feature the Alessi Brothers in two more tracks and will be released April 28 on French musician and producer Joakim's label Tigersushi Records.

Principles of Geometry - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Tigersushi - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Alessi Brothers - Official website | Facebook

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