Paradisko - Chewing Gun (Xinobi Remix)

Paradisko come from Istambul, Turkey, and are a new music act composed by Hakan Özkan and Hemi. The duo have just released their first single, called 'Chewing Gun', on the French label On The Fruit Records (which has worked with many artists, like Dan Solo, Keljet, Chrome Canyon, From Kid, Moullinex, Goldroom and many others).

Özkan and Hemi are already making waves with their first single, a virulent disco/house theme infused with tremendous basslines that easily become impossible not to dance to. It's an instrumental track, but it's dashing rhythm compensates for the lack of vocals. The duo have played alongside with other acclaimed artists, like Pional and Shit Robot and will soon be DJing with Xinobi & Moullinex.

Actually, portuguese producer Xinobi (in the picture above) has remixed the original single, emphasizing the disco vibes of the track, reducing the BPM to something a bit more sensual and less electro and the results are just brilliant! The EP also has remixes by Mighty Mouse and Digits, both lending 'Chewing Gun' some traits of their own personality: British producer Mighty Mouse turns it into something more apt to a dancefloor while Canadian Digits infuses the track with playful synths.

Check Xinobi's remix for the song, but also remember to listen to the whole EP on Paradisko's soundcloud page.

Paradisko - Facebook | Soundcloud
Xinobi - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
On The Fruit Records - Facebook | Soundcloud

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