Estate & Liquid Pegasus - Tendency (Satin Jackets Remix)

Satin Jackets is the moniker of German Tim Bernhardt, a Dj and music producer that dwells in the balearic spectre of electronic music. His music, be it in the form of original tunes or highly praised remixes, always has a lush sound and it can easily make you go down the memory lane with its vintage synthesizers and nostalgic atmospheres.

Having already featured other artists like KLP and Patrick Baker in his own songs, he is also a fruitful remixer: his reworks of songs by the likes of Tesla Boy, Gero, Follow Me and, more recently, Salt Ashes, have the power to send the originals into new sonic directions, that are both exciting and intriguing.

His newest effort is a remix for 'Tendency', a wonderful online collaboration between Estate & Liquid Pegasus, two acts that have worked together to release an EP with the same title. Estate is a duo from Minneapolis and New York City (composed of Josh Johnson and Dan Kramer) who produce funk and sun soaked music, while Tokyo-based Liquid Pegasus really likes groovy rhythms and retro soundscapes, so their combined tastes result in three sultry tracks that capture the 70's and 80's brisk vibes but gown them with today's modern concepts of electronic melodies and ambiences.

The original 'Tendency' has a nice house thump that infects your body with viral precision and summery synths that envelope the whispered male vocals to create a delightful tune. Satin Jackets' remix emphasizes the track freshness and builds up for almost two minutes before the drums kick in. It's a dandy affair, the one that he exploits in this remix, as he interweaves sensuality with lazy harmonies and puts up the perfect song for staying in bed with your love on a Summer morning.

You'd do well to listen to the entire EP, as songs like 'Tuff Luv' and 'Banana Boat' also have their charm and the release comes with other remixes from Keenhouse, Edit Murphy, First Touch and SloSlyLove. Oh, and watch the video for 'Tendency', for it's the first 3D GIF music video ever.

Satin Jackets - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Estate - Facebook | Soundcloud
Liquid Pegasus - Facebook | Soundcloud

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