Tricky (feat. Francesca Belmonte) - Nicotine Love

Tricky is back with his eleventh studio album, 'Adrian Thaws' (which actually is his true name). The new LP, which will be released on the artist own label, False Idols, seems to be, once again, a change of direction in his lengthy carrer. At least, that's what the first single, 'Nicotine Love', suggests, as it's a dark visit into deep house territories and, with minimalistic lyrics and a few samples repeating in the background. Think of it as a kind of electronic tango affair.

Tricky, once a part of Massive Attack, decided to call the new record his own name as a statement: it's like there is still this part of him we don't know yet, like he still has lots of things to tell and show us. The album was recorded in London, right in Tricky's home studio and is packed with vocal collaborations from the likes of Mykki Blanco, Bella Gotti, Tirzah, Nneka, Oh Land, Blue Daisy and Francesca Belmonte, the latter singing in the new single.

Listen to 'Nicotine Love', and stay tuned for more news about this talented and uncompromising artist. And while you're at it, check Andy Stot strange and vaporous remix of one of Tricky's 'False Idols' songs.

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