Cut Copy - In These Arms of Love

Cut Copy need no introductions; simply put, they're one of the most acclaimed australian acts, a status achieved with a vibrant sound rooted both in indie rock and the 80's synthetic and funk lineages. Albums like 'In Ghost Colours' and 'Zonoscope' were decisive in their path to stardom and helped them to leave Australia and conquer the world.

Their lastest album, 'Free Your Mind' established their music as a playful strugle between synthpop, house and new wave. It's an imense ride through joyous landscapes and shows the band's knack to create compelling pop songs without compromising their vision in order to reach mainstream audiences.

After crossing the world with an international tour to promote 'Free Your Mind', Cut Copy are now returning home for an australian tour and to celebrate that announcement, they're releasing a 10'' composed of two songs produced during the album's recording sessions but that were put aside.

'In These Arms of Love', the first of the two songs - released on Modular, Cut Copy's house since the very begining - is a guitar drenched track sparkled with expansive electronic elements and riveted with a feeling of exhilarating hope and dreamlike promises. It's cheerful, magical and passionate. It could have made it into the album, really. The other song will be called 'Like Any Other Day'.

Enjoy it!

Cut Copy - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Modular Recordings - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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