Glen Check - Pacific (Moullinex Remix)

Talking about Portuguese musicians is always a joy for Portuguese blog Opus Sound, so today we're sharing with you Moullinex's newest remix for Glen Check. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Glen Check are an indie band that seems to love the 80's a bit too much, as their sound is teeming with vintage synthesizers, retro basslines and lavish rhythms. Their second album, 'YOUTH!', came out on november 2013, via Sony Music. Now, their single 'Pacific', taken from that LP is getting the remix treatment by a few artists like Justin Faust, Les Loups and brilliant Moullinex.

Discotexas frontman Moullinex (Luís Clara Gomes) has been quite active lately. His debut album, 'Flora', was critically acclaimed and is still present in our minds and cd players. He's released several mindblowing remixes for artists like Kraak & Smaak, Midlake, Rebeka, Munk and Xinobi, and his dazzling take on Röyksopp & Robyn's new single 'Do It Again' garnered him even more attention.

For 'Pacific', Glen Check's brand new single, he has strenghtened the funkier side of the track, throwing it one more decade into the past, right into the 70's, and the result invites us to succumb to the dancefloor laws; it's something that wouldn't sound awkward on Moullinex's album or even in Daft Punk's 2013 ubiquitous 'Random Access Memories'. It's a rare talent, the one displayed by Moullinex, to effortlessly bend any track's charater to his will and sound fresh and compelling.

And Moullinex will recently be featured on compilation album 'T(h)ree vol 3 - From Portugal to Japan and South Korea' with his song alongside Portuguese Best Youth (Ed Rocha Gonçalvez and Catarina Salinas), 'In the Shade', an exotic and magic ride into an orange sunset ocean. Pure bliss!

Check Moullinex's own vision of Glen Check's 'Pacific' and remember his remix for Röyksopp & Robyn's 'Do It Again'. After that, make sure you don't miss the funny video for 'In the Shade', filmed near Lisbon's Ponte Vasco da Gama.

Moullinex - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Glen Check - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Best Youth - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Discotexas - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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