Ali Love - Deep Into the Night

These are excelent news, indeed. British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ali Love has unveiled details about his third album, 'P.U.M.P.'. Four years after 'Love Harder' granted him a well-deserved spot in the pantheon of nu-disco masters, producing awesome singles like 'Smoke & Mirrors' and 'Moscow Girl', it's time for him to move into new territories, where deep house seems to have a major influence.

The new album will feature twelve songs, from which two tracks are already known: 'Emperor', a dark and heavily synthetic techno jam that hints at S&M liaisons, and the just released 'Deep Into the Night', that showcases Love's talent for creating gripping electronic diamonds. He is credited for playing all instruments and keys and doing all the programming on the new LP.

As you can recall, throughout these four years Ali Love hasn't been quiet. He's also a member of Infinity Ink and Hot Natured (which released their excelent debut 'Different Sides of the Sun' last year), both house music projects that surely profited from his involvement and also let him grow as an artist and musician.

While 'P.U.M.P.' isn't released on Crosstown Rebels Records (we'll have to wait until July 14th), listen to the new track 'Deep Into the Night', a soulful tune that raises from Love's impecable chants with deep basslines and playful backvocals, while crystaline effects pour like silvery drops of liquid stardust right into your ears.

Also don't forget to (re)watch his frightful video for 'Emperor'.

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