Klaxons - Atom to Atom

The British band Klaxons (Jamie Reynolds, James Righton and Simon Taylor-Davies) are on the verge of releasing their third album, entitled 'Love Frequency'. The band's first album, 'Myths of the Near Future', released on 2007, was critically acclaimed thaks to its surprising blend of dance-punk, new rave, indie rock and dance aesthetics, but their sophomore album, 'Surfing the Void' (2010), was less remarkable.

For the new album, the trio have joined forces with James Murphy (from LCD Soundsystem), Erol Alkan and The Chemical Brothers, who will use their production trickery to give the record and the band a new sounding direction, more danceable and electronic. For those who loved hits like 'Magik' or 'Golden Skans', you might feel disappointed at first, but keep an open mind and you'll find the new songs quite interesting as well. The first single, produced by Gorgon City, already proved Klaxon's will to ignite the dancefloors: 'There is No Other Time' is an unexpected pop song that will make you frantically shake your body.

The new single, 'Atom to Atom' also has a rhythmic structure that makes it a danceable track, but it's nearer the new rave side of the spectrum. It's an energic exploit, with elements of psycadelia, acid-house and synthetic mysticism that really work together and give it a larger-than-life feeling which is imediately rewarding.

'Love Frequency' will be released on Akashic Records, on June 9th and comes with eleven songs that, most surely, will be in line with what the band has shown until now. Also watch the clip for the previous single, 'There is No Other Time', if you haven't already.

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