La Roux - Uptight Downtown

In less than a month, the über-cool La Roux (Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) have unveiled two tracks from their sophomore album, 'Trouble in Paradise'. After the mellow but effective single 'Let Me Down Gently', it's time for 'Uptight Downtown' to stir things up a bit.

La Roux's sound is less electronic and takes a step further in the use of live instruments, which make the tracks feel more organic and tangible. The result, in this case the new single 'Uptight Downtown', is an up-tempo song, riddled with guitar riffs that woudn't sound strange in a Niles Rodger's tune. It has a pop structure, but also has some funk and soul quirckiness that trully make it remarkable and fresh, but still imediately recognizable as a La Roux track. Sure, the 80's vibe isn't so dominant, but all that has made them famous in the past is present: breezy vibes, careful songwriting and pure pop inventiveness.

A few days ago, the official videoclip for the previous single 'Let Me Down Gently' has surfaced, and it shows Elly in a minimalistic visual approach, far from the artifices of previous videos. Also, a remix of the track by the talented Prins Thomas was made available.

Check them all right now, while you wait for 'Trouble in Paradise' to drop (on July 7).

La Roux - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Prins Thomas - Facebook | Soundcloud

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