jj - All White Everything

One of Swedish label Sincerely Yours' most treasured and acclaimed acts is the elusive duo jj, composed by Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander. Their history goes back to 2009, when they released their debut album, simply titled 'jj nº 2', a collection of gentle and pearly songs that garnered them lots of attention and a bunch of great reviews.

One year later, they released 'jj nº 3', which repeated the same formula: subtle songs that craved both for sadness and joy, in which hazy electronics stood by balearic rhythms and dream pop structures. After that, they made some sporadic appearances and collaborations with artists like Ne-Yo and Adrian Lux, and in 2012 they offered a free EP, 'High Summer' in order to celebrate Midsummer, the longest day of the year.

Now, jj have a new single and announced their third LP, which will be called 'V'. It will be, once again, released on Sincerely Yours, on August 19. As an appetizer, they have just revealed the first single: 'All White Everything'. Starting a capella, Elin's voice sounds fragile and candid, until balearic beats come in her rescue and morph the song into a floating canopy of stars, feathers and dandelion seeds. It's a soothing tune, one that will make you feel cozy and anxious for warmer days.

Listen to the whole thing right below.

jj - Official website | Facebook
Sincerely Yours - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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