Sons of Magdalene - Move to Pain

Joshua Eustis is a name that, at first, might not ring any bell, but if we told you he's the surviving half of Telefon Tel Aviv, that will surely shed some light on who he is. 
Following the tragic death of his friend and bandmate Charles Cooper two days after the release of their third full-length, 'Immolate Yourself', in 2009, Eustis decided to postpone all tour plans and found himself with a difficult decision to make: what to do with Telefon Tel Aviv. The answer may arrive several years after, in the form of Eustis new project, Sons of Magdalene.

'Move to Pain' is an album about death, pain, suffering and the outcomes for those who have deal with such feelings at a close range and still have to remain and keep going on. The first material of what now are the album's songs was written by Eustis back in 2007, after his father was diagnosed with cancer. Cooper love the songs so much he told Eustis they should use the in a future Telefon Tel Aviv album; unfortunately, that never happened. Eustis held on to those songs and, between 2009 and 2010, he intermitentely written the rest of the songs. Now, five years after Cooper's departure, Eustis (having toured with Nine Ich Nails in 2013) still carries the weight of such a loss and he hopes the release of the album eases the burden that this batch of songs have become.

'Move to Pain' will feature nine songs and will be released on June 24, on Portland based label Audraglint. Only then he'll be ready to come back to Telefon Tel Aviv.
We're rather anxious to catch the first glimpses of Sons of Madgalene debut album, and we'll try to keep you posted.

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