London Grammar - Sights (Tourist Version)

One thing is certain: London Grammar, the British indie-pop trio that has rippled through last year's music scene with their wonderful and inspiring debut album 'If You Wait', also has a knack for selecting great artists for remixing their singles.

After Tensnake, Bodhi and Bonobo recreated 'Hey Now' to their own images, and Jonas Rathsman revamped 'Strong' with posh dancing colours, it's time for young William Phillips, aka Tourist (pictured above), remix 'Sights', another track from the full-lenght. Tourist also comes from London and has been on fire for the last few months, releasing high quality songs one after the other.

His remix for London Grammar new single begins quietly, a gentle awakening in a sunny sunday, giving space for Hanna Reid's naked voice to build up from a whisper to full bodied vocals and then, only then, the lush and tender electronics devised by Tourist start to expand, remarkably envelopping her sweet voice in silk garments and precious jewels.

It's an outstanding rendition of an emotionally intense song, one that could only be made by Tourist's sensibility. Take some time to listen to it and also check his latest single, 'I Can't Keep Up' (vocals by Will Heard), featured on Tourist's new EP Patterns, which will be out on 20th April. It's absolutely awesome!

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