Beni (feat. Antony & Cleopatra) - Protect

It's easy to fall in love with Belgian Beni's clean and addictive house music. He has a focused vision of what makes a track irresistible, something that truly made his debut album, 'House of Beni' (released on 2011), such a compelling journey through house, techno and electro sceneries. Add to his craftmanship a wise selection of artists to provide inventive vocal works like Sam Sparro, Nomi Ruiz, Sean deLear, and others, and it's guaranteed you'll have a great time.

His new track, called 'Protect', sees him veering more into deep house territory. This time he goes straight for your hips and legs, making you dance to the jarring bass and the spacious rhythm. It's an effective tune, starting gently but increasing in dimension during its five minutes, easily becoming a toughtful exploration of energies and synergies which sustain the delicious vocals of Antony & Cleopatra (London based duo comprised of Anita Blay - better known as Thecocknbullkid - and Alexander Burnett). This recent duo has already been featured on Lancelot's EP 'Givin' It Up', which provided two wonderful songs, also aimed at the most vibrant dancefloors. The outcome of this new collaboration between them and Beni is really great and left us hooked right after the first listening.

Beni's new single will be released on Australian label Modular, one that keeps treating us with fresh, ingenious and gripping music over and over again; they rarely let us down. It will drop with another song, 'Can't Hide', on July 11. Listen to it right away, and don't forget to listen to Beni's previous work.

Beni - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Antony & Cleopatra - Soundcloud
Modular Records - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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