Paradisko - Chewing Gun (Rotkraft Remix)

Our friends Paradisko have recently released another great remix for their first tune 'Chewing Gun'. After the great versions of the original song by Xinobi, Digits and Mighty Mouse, it's time for Georgian duo Rotkraft (pictured above) to redesign it.

As you already may know, Paradisko are a new Turkish duo (Hemi Behmoaras and Hakan Özkan) and their single has already getting support by artists like Moullinex, Grum, ATTAR!, Fabrizio Mammarella, and many others, which showcases how talented these guys are and suggests their future will be rather promising.

As for Rotkraft, George Japaridze and Lasha Margiani have been making a name for themselves thanks to awesome remixes for the likes of Goldroom, AIMES and Phoenix, also releasing their own music. They love to create nu-disco, chill out music, always with a tinge of retro and tropical tones. Their recently released song Red Wine features vocals by Saint Kitten and is a compeling electronic cut with an extra acidic flavour. For Paradisko, they decided to strip "Chewing Gun' from its vocals and keep the synthetic bits, slowed the whole thing down and crafted a immersive journey into a neon cybernetic madness. Oh, and it's a free download! Thanks, guys!

Check the remix and also remember the original song right below.

Paradisko - Facebook | Soundcloud
Rotkraft - Facebook | Soundcloud

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