Henry Saiz - White Rhythmic Mirror

Spanish producer Henry Saiz is about to release a second LP, after his last year opulent debut album 'Reality is for Those Who are Not Strong Enough to Cronfront Their Dreams', an audacious double LP which wide range touched several music subgenres: techno, progressive house, downtempo, tech-house and even balearic.

Actually, his new work, titled 'Reality Addendum' (out June 19), is a collection of b-sides and bonus tracks that were left out of his first album. One might thought it will be a lesser release, but if the first single, 'White Rhythmic Mirror', serves as a herald, it only bears good news. In fact, listening to the album preview suggests a more focused and equally great work, playing with new sounds while keeping the tribal atmospheres that permeated the first LP. As for the mentioned track, it's an languid tune that slowly builds into a proto-balearic dream where sand grains flow in an endless and effortless zephyr.

Like other Spanish producers that also use shamanic textures and precussion in their electronic landscapes (John Talabot, Pional...), he takes us in a breathtaking journey into new worlds of beauty. Saiz is an impressive artist whose work we've only recently discovered, but that has already captivated us.

Listen to 'Reality Addendum''s first taste, and stay tuned for the album release. Also recall his excelent remix for Igor Cold's track 'Far North Maps'.

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