Arsenal - Black Mountain (Beautiful Love) (ATTAR! Remix)

Belgian Renaud Deru (pictured above), better known as ATTAR!, delivers a dark and ingenious remix for fellow country act Arsenal. The song, 'Black Mountain (Beautiful Love)' is taken from the band's sixth album, 'Furu' and is proppeled by the vocals of Tim Bruzon. It's a gentle song in which downtempo electronic patterns meld with soft rock structures. While the outcome sounds interesting, ATTAR!'s take on the original sure provides stronger reactions.

Receiving lots of attention with his current moniker ATTAR!, Deru has already been in his share of projects, of which the most successfull was the nu-disco infused Mustang act (alongside Andy Faisca). Now part of the Eskimo Recordings team, he has already released two great singles: the disco and house flavoured hit 'The Fool' and, most recently, the highly synthetic and robotic '45 Days', which features vocals by Santana and Induce. Both tunes make us look forward for future releases.

As for this remix, ATTAR! keeps it simple and dark, using a deep and slightly acidic bassline that will make you dance in no time. There are dry snares and clap effects throughout the track, devising new directions for the vocals, which now sound menacing and sinister. It's a rather acomplished feat to simply steal a song's positive aura and dress it in bleak electronic garments.

Check the remix and don't miss ATTAR!'s latest single while you're at it.

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