St. Lucia - Forgiveness

One of our favourite acts from 2013 is releasing a deluxe version of one of our 2013 favourite albums. We're talking about St. Lucia, the project of Jean-Philip Grobler (currently residing in New York, but born in Johannesburg, South Africa), a young but brilliant musician. He began relasing the first singles as St. Lucia on Neon Gold on 2012 and imediately garnered attention and a great dose of positive critics thanks to his youthful, summery and joyous songs and lyrics. By the end of 2013, he released 'When the Night', a gorgeous album riddled with cool vibes and strong tunes, high production values and great lyrics. It was everything we were waiting for and even if 2013 Summer was already gone, it took us back to those hot days and nights, to the beaches landscapes and to the yellow, orange and red gradients of the sunset.

After that, Groble hasn't stopped. He helped labelmates HAERTS on the release of their own singles, has done some remix work for the likes of Lady Gaga (?!), Charlie XX, and Atlas Genius and also was featured on some tracks by other artists, like The Knocks and French Horn Rebellion.

Now, he decided to release a deluxe version of 'When the Night', which will bring three new songs to broad daylight. The first taste comes in the form of "Forgiveness', a track that follows a simmilar pattern to 'Too Close', another track from the original album. It starts slowly, swirling around with melodic and breezy compositions, until it breaks into an epic jetstream of hot air and pure grandiosity. It's a fascinating journey with female backvocals evoking sweet caresses and playful games near the sea. The other two tracks will be 'Cold Case' and "Out Tonight'.

St. Lucia's talent is undeniable, as it is his ability to transform any simple song into something simultaneously intimate and legendary. It's a hard thing to do nowadays and he surely deserves recognition for his work. Go on, have a listen and let yourselves become addictive to St. Lucia's bright and promising world, and don't miss his sstrange video for "September', one of the most wonderful tracks in 'When the Night'.

St. Lucia - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Neon Gold - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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