Remix Selection Service #2

Once again, Opus Sound selects 10 remixes that deserve to be listened to. Enjoy!

î Kiesza - Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix)
Canadian Kiesza is most surely trying to make a statement, combining house textures with pop promptness, something her first single 'Hideaway' explicitely showcases. L.A. based duo Bixel Boys have done a great work in adding deepness to the house core of the original track, toying with its vocals and infusing a bit more of that extra special flavour we all love in their productions: groove.

î Elekfantz - She Knows (Gui Boratto D.O.C. Club Remix)
Heading from Brazil, Daniel Kuhnen and Leo Piovezani, aka Elekfantz, have worked together for more than 20 years, but only now they have begun working seriously under this moniker. 'She Knows' is the new single, taken from the upcoming album 'Dark Tales & Love Songs' (out June 2), on Gui Boratto's new label. The seasoned producer and DJ has given a nice retouch to their song and made one of his best remixes in the last months.

î Röyksopp & Robyn - Do it Again (In Flagranti Remix)
Switzerland based electronic duo In Flagranti put their hands on the new track by Robyn and Röyksopp and the results are quite exciting. The Scandinavian musicians have teamed to create new songs, a collaboration that will originate a mini-album of pure electronic fun. In Flagranti leave the awkwardness that usually soaks their productions and transform the original song into something that resembles a massive electro wrecking ball with techno and industrial infatuations.

î Nils Noa (feat. Vinny) - Fade Away (diskJokke Remix)
It might no be what one expects from cosmic disco aficionado diskJokke, but a new remix from this talented Norwegian artist is always a journey to other worlds. This time, he takes his country fellow Nils Noa song and morphs it into a experimental adventure that is as demanding as interesting. There is a scary strangeness imprinted in the remix but you might find it rewarding after one or two listenings.

î SomethingALaMode (feat. DWNTWN) - On My Mind (Jean Tonique Remix)
After featuring Dan Black on a previous single, french duo SALM (SomethingALaMode) have teamed with DWNTWN's vocalist Jamie Leffler for another song from their forthcoming sophomore album, 'Endless Stairs'. Jean Tonique turns the more stratospheric original version of 'On My Mind' into a slow dancing summer hit, filled with sugar and rainbows, making us want to dive into a clear water beach right now.

î Chet Faker - Blush (Jüan du Sol 'Late Night Touch Up')
Who would ever thought that the eccentric and experimentalist musician Chet Faker would sound so wonderful after being remixed into something completely different? Jüan du Sol, from Australian trio RÜFÜS, uses only some samples of the vocals and fills the minimalistic structures of the original song with bouncy beats and a powerful bassline, throwing it right into the middle of the dance floor. Wow!

î Reflex - Sunset (Bufi Remix)
Bufi is quite unstoppable lately, having released his new EP 'Selvage' on DiscoTexas label and remixing several artists. This is one of his most imaginative efforts yet: he creates a dark and highly synthetic version of Reflex's new single 'Sunset', venturing away from the nu-disco soundscapes he usually produces. The remix is an electrifying journey into the twilight zone and moves slowly and creepily into the realms of nightmares. Like mindless zombies, we follow him and succumb to his power.

î ATTAR! (feat. Induce & Santana) - 45 Days (Rob Made Remix) 
Hailing from Belgium, ATTAR! has already delivered some great tunes, like his original song 'Fool' and great remixes for the likes of Adamski, Propellers, Citizen and even Giorgio Moroder. His new single, '45 Days', features Induce and Santana in a retro romance story embellished with vintage synths. Rob Made brings a housey aura to the track, adding deep basslines and funk elements to the formula.

î The Swiss - In the City (Adapt or Die Remix) 
Australian Adapt or Die are becoming one of our favourite remixers with their powerful and vibrant reworks for other artists.After RÜFÜS and The Aston Shuffle, it's now time for The Swiss to get their latest single 'In the City' revamped into a tour de force built on top of gargantuous beats and loads of fun. They successfully mix electro with techno like few other artists can, draining our adrenaline to the last drop.

î Miami Horror (feat. Cleopold) - Colors in the Sky (Chrome Canyon Remix)
American synth lover Chrome Canyon makes an absolutely delicious rendition of Miami Horror's song 'Colors in the Sky'. He keeps the slow rhythm of the original, even downing the BPM rate a little bit, and adds layers and layers of vintage samples to produce a sensual and retro version that truly crawls underneath your skin and makes your body wiggle in lascivious manners.

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