Dream Koala - Saturn Boy

Only nineteen years old and Yndi Ferreira da Silva (born in Brazil but raised in Paris) has already built for himself quite a reputation as Dream Koala. In 2013 he released a brilliant gem called "Odyssey", a song that showcases his talent for using tradicional instrumental elements with multiple electronic samples and dimensions. His sweet and fragile voice, a graceful falsetto that both suggests onyric figures and confidential memories, has a surprising intensity.

Lacking a formal music education, Ferreira learned to play guitar and to sing by ear, a fact that may explain the organic feeling he imprints in his sound. Chord and piano swirls blend perfectly with the digital beats and synths that carefully raise these delicate productions into magnanimous hymns presented in the form of dew drops.

His new EP, titled 'Earth.Home.Destroyed', reveals Yndi's concerns about the future of our planet, trying to convey the importance to preserve and live in communion with Nature. "As a vegan, I wrote this EP because I wanted to talk about our planet and how we are destroying this beautiful place", he explains in a recent interview for Vogue.

'Saturn Boy', one of the songs from the new EP, begins with a guitar lament, but soon slow rhythms and diffuse percussion start to create a nostalgic fabric that makes goosebumps appear in your skin and where you'll soon find yourself ensnared. It's a sad song about someone who wants to escape a dying world, but it's pure bliss. The EP will also feature 4 other songs that clearly mingle science-fiction with ecology themes. 'Earth' is another standout track, where deep kicks and snares encase the doom described in the lyrics.

Listen to 'Saturn Boy' and also recall the magnificent and apocalyptical videoclip for Dream Koala's major hit, 'Odyssey'.

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