White Sea - They Don't Know (Video)

You may know her voice from her collaborations with M83, as Morgan Kibby was featured in several songs by the french musician. In 'Saturdays = Youth' and 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' she lends her beautiful voice to some of the most iconic tracks writen by M83.

But since 2010, she's also been working in her own material under the moniker White Sea, releasing an EP in that year: 'This Frontier', from which songs like 'Ladykiller' and 'Cannibal Love' have already let us take a peek into her retro and new-wave revival dreamscapes, a place where cold synths ruled and her voice sounded dangerously enticing.

Now, four years later, Kibby is ready to release her debut album, titled 'In Cold Blood', to be released on May 20 via Crush Music. The album will comprise ten songs that brilliantly disclose her powerful voice and depends heavily on synthpop and indie elements to create immersive tunes, but sometimes she draws inspiration in other genres. 'This record couldn't have been more self-reflective or personal if I had tried. I took many cues from Prince, Donna Summer and countless films to hopefully impart a deeply moving and almost visual experience for people when they listen', says Kibby on the album press release.

The album opener 'The Don't Know' is an apotheotic song (it could perfectly be used as an Olympic Games hymn...) and it conveys so many emotions that it truly lifts our spirits high. The video, presents artists mesmerizingly dancing underwater, wrapped around colorful silken tissues. Check it out and also listen to 'Future Husbands Past Lives', another song from the upcoming album.

White Sea - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Crush Music - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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