Gidge - I Fell in Love

They say their music is influenced by trees and snow and although they're currently residing in Paris, they come from Sweden. Meet Gidge, a relatively new electronic duo comprised of Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman, two young producers who seem to love bleak textures and ambient pop contemplations.

Gidge are working on their first LP, from which this new track, 'I Fell in Love', is taken and that will be released via Atomnation later this year, after their 2013 EP 'For Seoul'. It's a lovely and calm song, that builds from a piano solo and deep precussion into a touching slowburning dance tune. High-pitched vocal samples imbue the track with an ethereal sensibility and, by the end of it, there are moist and woody layers conveying teluric feelings.

It really comes as a wonderful and sweet effort from these two interesting musicians, who are well versed in creating sensory and captivating atmospheres. Be it in their previous single, 'You', where a steady and ritualistic beat carries grim but melodic synthesised particles, or in this new production riddled with intimate complexities and resonances, their work is quite able to tease you in all the right ways.

Gidge - Facebook | Soundcloud
Atomnation - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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