Up & Down the Artworks #1

Nowadays, music and design are becoming so intertwined (be it through breathtaking videoclips or striking and conceptual artworks) that some artists invest time and money on the visual components of their musical works in order to make a difference, convey emotions or simply grab our attention.
While searching for new and exciting music, Opus Sound sometimes comes across some wonderful album artwork, so we've decided to share those that fancy our eyes. Obviously, there are also those which are so awkward or just plain bad that imediatly throw us into one of those 'what were they thinking...?' moments.
So, starting this new feature on Opus Sound, here are 5 awesome album covers and 5 bad design options.
(Please note that this is a list based on a personal opinion.)


î Sébastien Tellier - L' Aventura
The French excentric is releasing another album (after last year's instrumental endeavor 'Confection') and it seems like he's visiting his childhood. A colorful artwork that really transports us to a dreamworld.

î Protomartyr - Under Color of Official Right
The Detroit band is known for its hard indie rock and their sound doesn't indulge in visiting violent ground. The artwork is menacing and unsettling, just like their music.

î Todd Terje - It's Album Time
We're still discovering all the different layers of Terje's first great album, but its cover art (done by Bandik Kaltenborn) is just too good and effective to be neglected. 

î Ben Watt - Hendra
Once one half of defunct Everything But The Girl, Ben Watt second album opts for a simple artwork with architectural tones and straight lines. The emptiness inside and the colorful wilderness in one amazing cover.

î Architecture in Helsinki - NOW + 4EVA
Pop and colour are some of the favourite words of Architecture in Helsinki's new album - 'NOW + 4EVA'. The artwork mixes vibrant colours that imediately set us for quite a crazy ride along their sweet tooth songs.


î Beppu - Coercion
A disturbing cover that will make anyone think twice about exploring the heavy drone and techno ambiences made by Andrew Hargreaves under his alias Beppu. 'Un Chien Andalu', anyone?! 

î Dillon - The Unknown
One gets depressed just by looking at the cover. The music might be interesting and experimental, but there are ways for describing melancholy that are way more exciting than making a frown.

î Katerine - Magnum
Right... Phillipe Katerine sure likes to get naked on his videoclips and even on stage, but the cover art for his new album is just so kitsch and cheap that it fails to be kitsch and cheap as probably was its intent in the first place.

î SLAVA - Comma Sutra EP
I'm not sure if it's just my dirty mind, but I keep having this feeling there's a subliminal sexual reference in SLAVA's new EP cover. Hum... I might just be seeing things.

î Grass is Green - Vacation Vinny
Lo-fi punk band Grass is Green goes for a minimalistic approach but I really hate when someone attempts to sell us their son's first try at MS Paint...

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