Joakim - Tropics of Love

He is one of the most unpredictable names in electronic music. It's hard to put French producer Joakim Bouaziz into one or two genres or labels, and even harder to tell someone what his music sounds like, as he's always changing it. Only one thing is certain: his strangeness is always present. 

After the criticaly acclaimed 'Nothing Gold' (from 2011), where he played with leftfield, synthpop and nu-disco, he's back with 'Tropics of Love', a twelve track album that will probably have a broad musical spectre and Luke Jenner (ex-singer of The Rapture) will be featured in one song.

Joakim said he was influenced by modulated synths, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and r&b to create the ethereal and outworldly athmosphere of the album, one that can be evidenced by his first single, 'On the Beach', released a couple of weeks ago. It's a cover of Neil Young's original song but it has Joakim DNA all over it. The single will be remixed by Principles of Geometry (who are also ready to release their new album, as we've told you about), CFCF and Joakim, himself, will also recreate the track.

'Tropics of Love' will be released on Tigersushi (Joakim's own label) around May 26th. Check the original and CFCF's remix right now.

Joakim - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Tigersushi - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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