Stereogamous (feat. Shaun J. Wright) - Sweat

A few days back we told you about Shaun J. Wright colaboration with Bobmo, and it seems he's unstoppable, because today he is featured in another new track, this time by Australian duo Stereogamous.
The duo (John Taranto and Paul McDermott) comes from Sydney and got under our radars thanks to their enthusiastic remix for LCD Soundsystem's 'I Can Change'.

They describe themselves as "major homosexualists, music lovers, serial huggers, great listeners and super gay DJs", which goes hand-in-hand with their clubbing sound and travestite musical incarnations, both of which flow with whatever suits their fancy. They have also remixed artists like Sam Sparro, Kylie Minogue, Sia, George Michael, Rodeo and Beni.

This is not their first collaboration with spectacular diva Shaun J. Wright. 'Face Love Anew' was their first hit, filled with good Chicago house vibes, sparkles of disco and lots of sensuality wrapping it all up. Now comes 'Sweat', a dirty and provocative slice of tech-house, where the spacious beats and snares tell as much as the aphrodisiac vocals. Wright sings "My body is drenched with sweat" and our's will be as well, the acidic and repetitive effects rising as mandatory electric signals that take control of our synapses. It's a freaky and gorgeous effort by the Aussie duo, one that you can't miss.

'Sweat' will be released on Tribal Records

Stereogamous - Facebook | Soundcloud
Shaun J. Wright - Facebook | Soundcloud
Tribal Records - Facebook | Beatport page

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