How To Dress Well - What is This Heart?

American Tom Krell, better known as How To Dress Well, has anounced his third album, 'What is This Heart?', will be released on June 23. Following his sophomore album, 'Total Loss', which came out on 2012, Krell has worked with artists like Shlohmo, Active Child and Jacques Green, lending to their tracks his hazy vocals.

The new album - dropping on British label Weird World - will feature twelve songs, and is said to be influenced by names like Prince, Burial, Tracey Chapman and Lou Reed, although it is probable that his ventures with some today's most appraised artists may also find their place into the final work.

Two songs taken from the forthcoming album, 'Repeat Pleasure' and 'Words I Don't Remember' showcase perfectly Krell's music: whispered vocals entangled in fragile compositions, experimental pop and r&b structures melted into acustic sceneries and electronic matrixes, stitched with faint hints of synthpop. While 'Repeat Pleasure' is more enthusiastic and lively, 'Words I Don't Remember' sounds confessional and intimate. The 30 years old musician has already declared the mood of the album to be delicate, sensual and coated with overwhelming joy, so both these tunes seem to substantiate the veracity of his words.

Take a peek at both of them and show How To Dress Well some affection.

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