Remix Selection Service #1

The ammount of great remixes that are released daily makes it impossible to keep track of everything. But since there are lots of remixes that trully deserve recognition, Opus Sound will start, periodically, to select a few that, even if not featured in individual posts, shouldn't be missed by anyone who likes electronic music. We'll mostly try to select fresh stuff, but nothing prevents us from occasionally walk down the memory lane, right?
For this first Selection, we recommend:

î MSMR - Hurricane (Goldroom Remix)
L.A. based Josh Legg (aka Goldroom) never disappoints when recreating other artists work, lending them a summer vibe to which is difficult to resist. Indie pop band MSMR's single 'Hurricane', taken from their debut album 'Secondhand Rapture', becomes a blissed out, dreamlike sugarcane thanks to his envying ability to breathe warm and sweet textures into its sad atmosphere.

î Javeon - Intoxicated (The Magician Remix)
Javeon's singles have been consistently very good, a great harbinger for his debut album later this year. His r&b textures couple with nu-disco, electronic and pop inflections and even if his sound is intimate, it aspires for grandness. The Magician has just released a house-infused version of his lastest single, 'Intoxicated', and it has his signature all over.

î Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty (Cut Copy Remix)
Australian psychedelic band Jagwar Ma get a remix by country fellows Cut Copy for their great tune 'Uncertainty' (from their last year's album 'Howlin''). The expansiveness remains a constant in this new version of the song, which delapidates its indie rock elements to bring forth the dancey ingredients, adding a cheerful sound that we instantly recognize as Cut Copy's trademark.

î Scavenger Hunt - Lost (Noah Hyde Remix)
Hailing from L.A., Scavenger Hunt is a duo composed of Jill Lamoureaux and Dan Mufson, that have recently released their first EP, which has two songs, the wonderful 'Lost' (released in 2013) and the sensual 'Dreamers'. American Noah Hyde leaves his comfort zone made of synthetic and retro soundscapes to create a breezy and organic remix for 'Lost', a trully lovely version that enhances Jill's soothing vocals.

î Night Drive - After Dark (The Penelopes Remix)
Electro pop with noir tinges the flavours of Night Drive's new track. The music of this Austin based duo drinks from seminal acts like OMD, New Order and even LCD Soundsystem. 'After Dark' gets the remix treatment by Parisian duo The Penelopes, who revamp it into a more club oriented track while preserving the retro vibe intact, thanks to an impressive handling of neon synths and infectious basslines.

î Leisure Cruise - Double Digit Love (Plastic Plates Remix)
Where Leisure Cruise (new duo from Brooklyn, USA) find happiness in vintage ramblings and raw electronic guitars and in painting the future as they envision it in the past, Felix Bloxsom, better known by his alias Plastic Plates, mixes the original material into something poppier and more fast-paced. Both the versions are great, but if you want to dance, this remix might just suit you.

î Battles - My Machines (Museum of Love Remix)
Experimental rock meets experimental disco. The New York based trio Battles released their sophomore album, 'Gloss Drop', back in 2011, followed by a record with new versions of the songs in 2012. By then, an embryonic Museum of Love were already reworking one of the tracks, 'My Machines', into an avant-disco derangement, completely erasing the rock complexions and adding contagious dance structures. Let's remember it.

î Lane 8 (feat. Lucy Stone) - Nothing You Can Say (Baio Remix)
British Chris Baio, member of Vampire Weekend, is making quite a name for himself as a DJ and remixer. This time, he's all over Lane 8's new track 'Nothing You Can Say', which features a lovely vocal work by Lucy Stone. While the original is a charming electronic tune that streams progressively through deep grooves, Baio throws in a balearic flavor, some nervous clicks and faded howls, enhancing its dreamlike virtuousness.

î RÜFÜS - Take Me (Miguel Campbell Remix)
One of the most soothing remixes made for the last year's hit, 'Take Me', by Australian RÜFÜS. British nostalgic DJ Miguel Campbell takes the original sparsness as a mold and fills in the spaces with a groovy bassline and a funky rhythm. He keeps it simple and just adds some neat arrangements in the right proportions, valuing efficiency over excess.

î The Subs (feat. Colonel Abrams) - Trapped (Compuphonic Remix)
The Subs have just released their new album, 'Hologram'. It's an uncompromising and intense mixture of genres, but one of the stand out tracks is 'Trapped', a new rendition of the 80's single by Colonel Abrams (which re-recorded his vocals with the trio). Belgian DJ and producer Compuphonic transforms the song into a shinny dance gem, where the voluptuous kicks coil around the intense vocals and grant instant satisfaction.

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