Gorgon City (feat. Laura Welsh) - Here for You

Still hot from their enormous single 'Ready For Your Love' released last January, which ranked at #4 in the UK Singles Chart thanks to its ravishing deep house imbued with urban aesthetics and MNEK's sensual vocals, British duo Gorgon City have unveiled their new single, 'Here for You'.

Featuring Laura Welsh (a singer also hailing from UK), the single still dresses itself in deep house axioms, but has this unexpected echo of a romantic and breezy narrative, written in lavish and ethereal synths and submerged basslines. Laura's vocals are like small pearls interwoven in the duo's electronic web, culminating in a perfect song for the warmer seasons. Gorgon City seem to be unstoppable, having released great singles over the last few months and helping produce the Klaxon's first single from their new full-length (check 'There Is No Other Time', taken from forthcoming album 'Love Frequency').

Listen to the song and watch the cool videoclip for 'Ready for Your Love', if you haven't already.

Gorgon City - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Laura Welsh - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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