Movement - Ivory

Opus Sound hasn't yet had the oportunity to tell you about Movement, a band from Sydney, Australia, that became under our radars a few months ago. The trio (Jesse James Ward, Lewis Wade and Sean Walker) has already signed with one of the more interesting and critically acclaimed labels, Modular, which is always a good omen.

But, truth be told, their music is more than enough to enthrall you. Their sound is made of intimacy, of silken sheets, of velvet sensibility and seductive whispers in your ear. It's music for night incursions, for bedroom emotional urges, for crying your heart out, for skin on skin explorations: deep, smooth, evocative, lustful. Their song 'Us' is their most impressive work so far, a sexy ode to love and desire showcasing all these features in a barely tangible structure made of electronic corpuscles.

While working on their debut self-titled EP (out on May 5), the band has toured with Darkside and has enlisted The Weeknd's production and mixing skills. The result is a four track EP, from which 'Ivory' is taken. Dwelling in firm and nostalgic piano chords that intertwine with electronic pulses and guitar moans, the song is quite a ride into contemplative rapture and subliminal synesthesia. You'll be listening to it endlessly, we assure you.

While you're waiting for the full EP, listen to the single and watch the hard-boiled ghetto revenge inspired video for 'Us' (directed by Dave Ma), in case you missed it.

Movement - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Modular - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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