Hercules & Love Affair (feat. John Grant) - I Try to Talk to You

Andy Butler, the mastermind behind the excelent outfit Hercules & Love Affair is readying his next album, a terrific and gorgeous house celebration of love and its demise aptly titled 'The Feast of the Broken Heart'.

After the 2007 hit single 'Blind', the group (which has constantly mutated and has had several formations along the years, and where one can find names like Nomi Ruiz, Antony Hegarty and Kim Ann Foxman), Hercules & Love Affair has been floating between house, synthpop and disco, but for their third album, all but the festive house tonalities were left behind. And the new formation will include vocals by a new array of artists like Gustaph, Rouge Mary, Krystle Warren and John Grant, who sing in several tracks.

The new single taken from the album is 'I Try to Talk to You', on which John Grant lends a deep, candid and heartbreaking contribution. Having previously worked together (Butler remixed one of Grant's songs, while Grant sang in some of the group's live performances), the vibrant, old-school and rhythmic meanders of Hercules & Love Affair are a perfect match for the american musician' muttered vocals. While the song is a lush and dynamic trip, impeccably crafted for the dancefloor, John Grant keeps it real, his sad words and piano ramblings becoming trully intimate and giving the track a closeness that sometimes strays far away from electronic music. It will surely be one of the album's standout tracks.

Talking about the song's lyrics, Butler explains: 'I asked John to dig deep with his lyrical contribution. I had no idea he would dig so deep. He tackled the story of becoming HIV positive, and while I mentioned to him that he did not need to go there if he was not comfortable, in that beautifully punky, spirited and courageous way he has about him, he told me that was what the song was going to be about."

Listen to it and don't miss Deetron's massive remix of 'Do You Feel the Same', the previous single also taken from Hercules & Love Affair forthcoming third album, which will be released on 26th May, on British label Moshi Moshi. Also expect remixes by Derrick Carter, Ha-Ze Factory and Dinamo Azari.

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