Junior Jack - Thrill Me (Gigamesh Remix)

It's always nice to listen to fresh new stuff from some of our favourite artists and it has been a while since American Matt Masurka - better known as Gigamesh (pictured above) - released something new. But the wait is over!

He decided to revamp Junior Jack's old tune 'Thrill Me', which is a heavilly sampled tune, a massive party anthem filled with groovy basslines, female vocals and brass instruments. The original dropped in 2002 as a single from the Italian DJ and producer's first album, 'Trust Me', but it will be re-released once again next May, with remixes by Riva Star, Got Some and Gigamesh.

Toying with the original song, Gigamesh undresses it from its club structure and rescues just a few vocal lines and cut up samples. Then, he adds his pop icing on top of those elements, a sprinkle of nu-disco and subtle melodic synthesisers. The result, while not as good as some other remixes Gigamesh has made, is quite delightful and it trully revitalizes the original, exploiting the seasoning it has achieved today (more than ten years after the original release), instead of remaking it, once again, into a banger.

Check it out!

Gigamesh - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Junior Jack - Official website | Facebook

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