Architecture in Helsinki - I Might Survive (Video)

Let's make it clear (for those who don't know it already): Architecture in Helsinki are not from Helsinki. They're from Victoria, Australia. And they're not into architecture either. They make music. Now that's out of the way, let us share with you their brand new videoclip for 'I Might Survive', one of the most enthralling songs from their fifth album, 'NOW + 4EVA'.

On 2011, the band ventured into a new sound direction with 'Moment Bends', adding more pop to their music and while keeping their childish soul intact. The happiness and the good vibes are still a trademark of the group, that now adds vibrant and dazzling colour to the package. In 'NOW + 4EVA' the music is one with the dyes, feeling as saturated as they look on the videoclips the band has already released.

Now it's time for 'I Might Survive' to receive a shiny and vivid clip, where the band's members play with symmetry in bright and colourful clothes (yellow, pink, blue and orange are the main palett), while Kellie Sutherland sings along this fast-paced live canvas. In the end, it's impossible for anyone to feel sad or depressed, as both the video and the song lift us up, shake off the dust from our shoulders and put a warming and comforting arm around us. It's like drinking hot chocolate on a rainy day by the fireplace.

Watch the high-spirited video and stay tuned for Opus Sound's review on the album.

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