iamamiwhoami - Vista (Video)

We're just gonna be as straightforward as we can: iamamiwhoami is one our favourite music projects; and it should be one of yours too.

They began in 2009 as a mysterious and viral project, releasing cryptic videos that had hidden clues and meanings behind the distorted and dazzling images. The identity of the lead singer was highly speculated, but eventually the evergrowing comunity of mesmerized fans discovered that iamamiwhoami was the audiovisual project of Swedish musician and songwriter Jonna Lee and her producer Claes Björklund. The first series of songs and videos, known as 'bounty', established the group's own mythology, a stylish and enigmatic fantasy that displayed influences on the mandrake plant folklore.

The next series of songs and videos, released simultaneously through their own imprint, To Whom it May Concern, would become the project's first album, 'kin' (2012), an audiovisual experience that couldn't be fully perceived and enjoyed separatedly. The songs tell a story as much as the beautiful videos, delving deeper in the major themes the group had already presented: birth, progeny, motherhood, sexuality, identity, light & darkness, nature and the celebration of life.

On January 2014, a new series of songs and videos began: titled 'generated', it asked for donations. The funds were promised to "be used for creative purpose only" and, after watching the first three videos, it sure is worth it. Until now, three singles have been released: 'Fountain', 'Hunting for Pearls' and the brand new 'Vista'. They explore a new scenery, with icy landscapes and motifs, building new mythology and making our eyes open in awe for the wonderfully filmed videos, riddled with details and breathtaking vistas, in which Jonna appears as a trancendent figure, both fragile and inaccessible at the same time, conveying emotions with a simple eye blink. She is trully a great artist!

As for the music, it is more corporeous. While 'kin' was brutally naked and undressed from the group's more vibrant sounds, the new songs are more lively, garnished with crystaline synths and enticing melodies. We're quite anxious to see where they will take us this time. If you don't know iamamiwhoami, we suggest you watch their first videos and let yourselves become entangled in their magic. For now, we share the first three videos of the 'generated' series.

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