Bottin - Punica Fides

He hails from Venice, Italy, and makes nu-disco music with a dark tinge. That's a simple way to describe the work of Guglielmo Bottin, better known by his surname, Bottin, a producer and DJ who is fond of italo-disco, house and funk, mixing all of those genres into a menacing and unpredictable musical journey.

After remixing artists like Lindström, Sally Shapiro, Ali Love, Lost Valentinos and In Flagranti (just to name a few), he received much attention with his 2009 album 'Horror Disco' (his sophomore), released on Bear Funk, a label where he clearly feels at home. That album showcased all of Bottin's strange retro-landscapes, sometimes filled with sensuality and others with urgency and dread. Now it's time for his third album.

Titled 'Punica Fides' (once again via Bear Funk), it will be less experimental and more dance floor oriented. With only nine tracks on the list, the album will still be heavily influenced by Bottin's selective taste in spacious disco and funk, groovy synths and tempting beats. Besides the instrumental tracks, there will be some vocal collaboration: Lavinia Claws and Rodion join the party, but the most surprising appearance will be Steve Strange, the lead vocalist of Visage, the pioneer group of the New Romantic movement that emerged in the 1978 London nightclubs. Bottin had remixed Visage's single 'Never Enough', taken from the group first album in almost twenty years and released last year: 'Hearts and Knives'.

'Punica Fides' will be released on May 20, but while you wait, listen to Bottin's excelent remix of Visage.

Bottin - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Visage - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Bear Funk - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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