The Swiss - In the City (Luke Million Remix)

It seems that Australia, pretty much like Sweden, has some kind of magical stuff in the water which sprouts talented musicians, singers and bands who love to dwell in pop music. If so, the Aussie duo The Swiss must have been drinking it since childhood, probably.

The Swiss are Luke Million and Tony Mitolo, an act who has been producing music since 2007 and has already released singles in some major labels like Modular and, recently, Kitsuné. Their latest EPs - the wonderful and gymnastical 'Elousia' and 'Kiss to Kiss' - both have received much and well deserved attention. Apart from that, the duo also has concoted some retro flavoured remixes for Headman, Annie, Ladyhawke, Breakbot and several other artists. The formula remains the same: highly energyzed rhythms, polished synths and a festive mood well rooted on the 80's.

Their new EP, 'In the City', will be released once again on Kitsuné, on April 21st. In it, we're treated to the strenuous title track, a vibrant and engaging tune built around deep basslines and groovy synths. The female vocals are a perfect match, effervescent and dynamical, providing the track with a sense of urgency and uncontrollable flow.

Luke Million - himself a proficuous remaster under his own name - transforms all the urge of the track into a slowburning diamond that plays like the last lazy days of a hot summer. The Swiss' countryfellows Adpt or Die will also rework the single into something more club oriented and hypnotic.

There are two more songs on the EP, the heavilly arpeggiated 'Antiquities' and the impelling 'Phase III'. Be sure to keep an eye for these guys, whose quality work is always a guaranteed.

The Swiss - Facebook | Official website | Soundcloud
Luke Million - Facebook | Official website | Soundcloud
Adapt or Die - Facebook | Soundcloud
Kitsuné (Label) - Facebook | Official website | Soundcloud

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