Temple - Shelter Song (Jawar Ma Remix)

Psychadelism and rock are no strange realms to australian Jagwar Ma. Their first album, Howlin', took many by surprise with its generous doses of dance cuts but also experimentalism that bordered the limits of krautrock and psychadelic. For us, here at Opus Sound, their single Uncertainty was a perfect song and we clang to it the same way some pop singers like to cling to, lets say, wrecking balls... Hum...

Anyway, Jono Ma, a third of Jagwar Ma and the mastermind behind it (and other acts like Lost Valentinos) has put his talents to work and  created a version of Shelter Song, an original from psychadelic group Temples.

The song was released on 2012 as the band's debut single, but the Temples' first album  - Sun Structures - has dropped on January 2014 on Heavenly Records. We're gonna be honest here: it's not our cup of tea, since Opus Sound is a blog mainly devoted to eletronic music. But Jono Ma decided to rearrange Shelter Song into something expansive, spacey and dance focused. The result is quite immersive, like trying peyote in the Mojave desert and experience some twisted visions. Pure genius, really.

This remix was a swap between the two bands and Temples have also remixed Jagwar Ma's Man I Need, but it's not as thrilling as Jono's clean and subtle production.

Listen to the remix down below.

Jagwar Ma - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Temples - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Heavenly Records - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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