Ronika - Shell Shocked

'Selectadisc' - that's how Ronika's debut album will be called. The british singer and producer, born Veronica Sampson, will release 'Selectadisc' on June 2nd. The album will be a sugary treat, if only Ronika will keep up with what she's been giving us for the past 5 years - and the latest single sounds like she will.

'Shell Shocked' is a pure and shiny diamond captured right from the 80's and brought to the present day, reflecting Ronika's hability to craft great nu-disco, synthpop and electro-funk infused songs. She sounds like La Roux's sweetest cousin or a Little Boots' gone even retro-er. Whichever the case, we love her.

The album will feature 14 tracks and there are a few older singles getting their second chance, like 'Wiyoo', 'Only Only' and 'In The City', but here at Opus Sound we're curious about the new tracks, because the released ones have already proven Ronika's vitality and interest.

Listen to Shell Shocked and feel your blood sugar levels increase.


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