Spring Manta - Balls

To feature and share with you guys a portuguese musical project has, obviously, a special meaning for Opus Sound. And even though Spring Manta isn't exactly new (it exists since 2010), it's getting a fresh restart and the first taste of the new stuff is quite interesting.

Simão Martins, the mind behind Lisbon based Spring Manta, is also a guitar player for indie rock band Soapbox. Albeit the eletronic elements the group adds to its music, it retains a rawer and alternative atmosphere. As Spring Manta, Martins remixed a song from their first EP (entitled 'Don't Come Too Soon'), but, in those early years, his sound was a bit different. Meanwhile, Martins became even more interested in the new electro, disco and synthpop trends. With the band's situation currently in standby, he invested in his solo project, redefining its sound based upon his love for the music of iconic stars like Daft Punk, the sugary electro of Fred Falke and the audacity of new acts like the Discotexas crew.

"I started venturing in analogic sythesizers two years back, and now, in 2014, I'm beginning to release some songs that result of that investment." And it might just pay off, since his first tune, 'Balls' is a wonderful trip down memory lane, straight headed to the 80's heart. The rich synths and the warm, funky rhythms sure make us wish for Summer to come sooner. It all starts with a bouncy feeling, but soon the playful and vintage swirls make their way into our brains, culminating in a thrilling sound that showcases both what this young and talented artist has already evolved and the promising path that lays before him.

While 'Balls' is an instrumental track, Martins has already mentioned he intends to add female vocals and samples to his next sonic journeys. In fact, there is an EP underway and at least one of the tracks will feature vocoders.

For now, listen to 'Balls' and keep an eye for Spring Manta's future releases. We sure will!

Spring Manta - Facebook | Soundcloud
Soapbox - Facebook

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