Sam Smith - Stay With Me

I don't know how he does it, but Sam Smith always manages to touch my heart and soul with his songs. They're just like small dew dropplets, with simple lyrics and musical arrangements, but roar like a storm of the century in terms of conveyed emotions. Maybe the secret is quite obvious: when singing about love, every person who has loved and been loved can relate to the expressed feelings. But Sam Smith sings about mythical love, impossible love, uncorresponded love... and he does it with a poignant truthfullness that would probably disarm even the most stony heavymetal fan. And then there is that voice of his...

For those who don't really care about the music you listen to in the radio, maybe the name Sam Smith doesn't ring a bell. But think about the omnipresent Naughty Boy's single 'La La La' and Disclosure's 'Latch' and you'll most likely know whom we're talking about. Yes, it was Sam singing in both those songs. Adding to his collaborations, Sam Smith also released some wonderful originals. 'Nirvana' is still our favourite and the distorted vocals in 'Safe With Me' keep delighting us even after all this time. Trully, 'Money on My Mind' is the only one that hasn't convinced us yet.

His new song, 'Stay With Me' is a ballad about needing someone by one's side, even if love is not equally felt. Sam's voice floats like a prayer around the piano chords and the tambourine snare. It's such a delicate song, so simple yet so profound...

Sam's debut album, 'In the Lonely Hour', will be released on Capitol Records, on June 17th and we can hardly wait.

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