Garden City Movement - Move On

Serendipity: besides being a curious word and one that I particularly like, refers to a fortuitous happenstance or a pleasant surprise usually by means of finding or achieving something by pure chance. I've got a lot of that while digging the web for music. Sometimes, I find a song by accident that totally blows my mind and makes me think that music is, and will always be, the only really faithful and constant thing in my life.

I'm telling you this because I've just stumbled upon 'Move On', a song by Garden City Movement, a trio from Tel Aviv, Israel composed of Joe, Roi and Johnny. Though young, they're not exactly freshmen, as all of them have worked in other music projects like Lorena B, and performed with artists like Disclosure, Apparat and Floating Points. These boys are signed to BLDG5 Records, having already released one EP called 'Entertainment' somewhere in November 2013, from where this wonderful track is unearthed.

'Move On' is a fragile thing, fusing acustic elements with slow r&b details. The song elegantely flutters around smooth and organic ambiences, like a silk curtain floating with a breeze. The soothing vocals sing about love, its loss and the following survival. Pure gold, really. The song has finaly received a video, directed by Michael Moshonov & Lael Utnik and it's a lovely and bold representation of love's universality. 

"The video was made with love. In today's progressive world, it's still hard for people to accept love between the same sex. This clip goes to show exactly that. Also shows that even if a heart is broken, it was still worth feeling love even if it was too short", says Moshonov.

The EP has three other songs, all of them deserving your attention. Check the videoclip just below and be sure not to miss the new Garden City Movement EP, as it should drop this Spring.

Oh, and keep believing in serendipity. Sometimes it happens.

Garden City Movement - Facebook
BLDG5 Records - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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