Isaac Tichauer - Changes

Just yesterday we've featured Jonas Rathsman latest single, 'Hope I'm Wrong', to be released on French Express and today his label fellow Isaac Tichauer also shows up with his forthcoming new song, 'Changes'.

If you've been following this american label catalogue like we do, you'll know that Tichauer is one of its most fruitful artists. His debut album, 'Devotion', showcased a glamourous and solid knowledge on crafting captivating deep-house music, one that sounded so fresh and intriguing as his own unexpected appearance in the music scene. This Sydney born musician yields such a marksmanship that his cirurgically aimed vibes hit all our soft spots. It's impossible to resist, really.

Since the release of 'Devotion' back in 2012, Tichauer has also been working in new material he strategically shares with the world and that usually receives great feedback. The 'Take Over You EP' kept him under our radars. 'Changes' will earn him simmilar love and attention. After all, it's a slow rendered deep-house trincket, framed with a sensuality that as been carefully imprinted on the male vocals to the point it will give you goosebumps. Good ones.

Whether you're in a mood for dancing or just some easy listening at home, Isaac Tichauer won't fail you. So do yourself a favor and listen to 'Changes'.

Isaac Tichauer - Facebook | Soundcloud
French Express - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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