Client Liaison - Free of Fear

Truth be told, Client Liaison impressed us since the first time we've listened to their song 'End of the Earth', a few months back. Their coolness is undoubtdely sustained by the vintage style the australian duo formed by Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan have defined for themselves. From the sophisticated pop architectures upon which their songs develop to the evocative lyrics and retro outfits, hairstyles and videoclips, Client Liaison sure like to allude to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the 80's.

Melbourne sure sounds like a vibrant place with many faces, where both urban and organic mingle seamlessly, so it's only natural that Client Liaison's music incorporates energetic rhythms and a great sense of spaciousness. But their new 12'' single, 'Free of Fear', is a buoyant and irresistible slice of pop, at times reminiscent of a Pet Shop Boys over-the-top song. There are crisp piano swirls and a screaming saxophone, but it all falls into place to offer a brilliant piece of work. You can listen to it and watch the funny clip below (directed by Jack Peddey and produced by Anita Spooner).

As for the B-side, 'That's Desire', it could easily be a single on its own right. It's even more energized and just begs for you to dance to its 90's infused backvocals and stirred rhythms. So damn good, really!

'Free of Fear' arrives with two awsome remixes by Knightlife and Com Truise who give new flavours to the original. While the also australian Knightlife revamps the track with the dynamics of dark clubs in mind. american Com Truise adds even more vintage layers to it. You can check them on Client Liaison's Soundcloud page, as both are worth the jump.

Client Liaison - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Knightlife - Facebook | Soundcloud
Com Truise - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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