Dubka - Deathwish

Martin Dubka has a Deathwish.
Don't worry; it's a good one. Martin Dubka hails from London and has already proven that he has an intrinsic talent for designing great dance music. From deep-house to nu-disco and fancy electro, he likes to keep his sound as crisp as possible. Dubka was part of Cazals but since the band demise he's working solo, building a slow but steady reputation. He received lot's of attention with his first song 'Through Thorns to the Stars', which appeared on Aeroplane's seminal mixtape In Flight Entertainment, and he has worked with Punks Jump Up and Saint Saviour on the high-octane 'Feels Good' single, with Rory Phillips and has been credited for producing songs for the likes of Ali Love, Tesla Boy and Tyson. He has also made remixes for Say Lou Lou, L'Equipe du Son and Majestique.

His new single, 'Deathwish', treads a deeper path, plunging on the darker side of house music. Using his expertise as a bassist, he devised a raw bassline that upholds the track with unabashed determination and the vocal work of Phillip Bush and Jo Harvey, simultaneously detached and seductive, just buys you off with impressive ease. Effective and hypnotic, you won't be disappointed while listening or dancing to it.

The other track of the Deathwish EP is 'Eumenides'. The song's title comes from the greek mythology and refers to the deities of vengeance... Hum, death and revenge sure set a dark mood for any kind of music. So, this one is also a deep-house venture, an instrumental one, that even if not as powerful as the title track, still manages to infect you. So, beware!

There's also a quirky video of the title track with Alan, The Dancing Mysanthrope moving to its irresistible beats. Just follow his lead, and do the same, will you?

Deathwith will be out on the 31st of March, on belgian Aeropop label.

Dubka - Facebook | Soundcloud
Aeropop - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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