Bobmo (feat. Shaun J. Wright) - When I Look

Ok, this is just to good not to share.
Bobmo is the moniker of Hugues Rey, a young producer from Paris, that has already joined Surkin and Para One at managing the french label Marble Music. His distinctive sound comes from within the label's own fresh look upon dance music dogmas, gouging on rave, techno, acid and house to deliver strenuous and adrenaline thirsty tracks.

Intense beats are in order when Bobmo is at work. His first EP, 'Sonic Soul' (released last year on his home-label) showcases his talent at adopting several electronic sub-genres and bending them to his will until they're like rabid dogs that he then, mischievously, unleashes on us. While the three tunes could easily find a nest in a Brodisnky or Boys Noize live set, his new EP explores new sounds.

In 'When I Look' there is a slower and housey side to Bobmo's music that suits him just as neatly as any other style. For maximum effect, he enlisted the vocals of Shaun J. Wright (who previously worked with artists like Hercules & Love Affair, Stereogamous and Alinka) to give the track some notes of sensuality and abandonment, which he does effortlessly. Immersive as it is, it becomes completely irresistible to dance to such a top notch tune.

The b-side is pure madness with acid flavour: 'It is Happening Again' might be something you could use as an original soundtrack to your girlfriend's epileptic siezures... hum... maybe that's not a very good ideia, but you still get the picture of how jumbled this track sounds.

Listen to a-side and keep Bobmo under your radar.

Bobmo - Facebook | Soundcloud
Shaun J. Wright - Facebook | Soundcloud
Marble Music - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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