Kele Okereke - Candy Flip

Some things are just there, plain to see. Bloc Party's enfatuation over electronic elements grew stronger with each album release, and the band's frontman Kele Okereke even produced his own alternative dancing album, 'The Boxer' (which came out in 2010). Then, we saw him all butched up on his next EP called 'The Hunter' (2011), which used abundant dubstep, electro and synthpop. Meanwhile, he was featured in other acts' songs, like the alluring second album of Hercules & Love Affair and RAC's melodic hit 'Let Go' (and he also worked with Chemical Brothers in the past).

So, it's not totally unexpected that his career ventures into even deeper electronic ground. After the 'Heartbreaker EP' came out by the end of 2013 on Crosstown Rebels, it was clear he had fully embraced the darker and profound expressions of house music. Delving into the underground and old-school soundscapes, he produced some resonating tracks, aimed to the dancefloor subliminal entanglements.

Now it's time for 'Candy Flip' - once again through Crosstown Rebels - to cause massive beat havock. It's a deep, deep track, featuring Kele's own vocals that sound both warning and enticing (afterall, 'candy flipping' refers to taking LSD and ecstasy at the same time...). Quite an hypnotic track that you should, definitely, check out. We sure are excited to see him producing this kind of music, especially if it is this tasteful.

The EP comes with other two songs, the more straightforward of which is 'The New Feel', an intense and rebellious tech-house infection; 'Come to Me', on the other hand, sounds less interesting, though its proud percussion and Detroit vibe shouldn't be neglected.

Now, show Kele some love and attention. That's an order.

Kele Okereke - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Crosstown Rebels - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Bloc Party - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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