GusGus - Crossfade

GusGus have just unveiled their new single, called 'Crossfade'.
This icelandic collective act - whose members have changed continuously over its almost 20 years of existence - is once again releasing songs through german label Kompakt and its eightieth album seems to be in the making. Little is known about that, but after the well-received 2011 'Arabian Horse', GusGus - now a five person alignment - sound willing to keep offering balmy techno slices with emphasis in the songwriting.

'Crossfade' seems to pick up where 'Arabian Horse' left off. There are simillar effects, basslines, musical cues... In fact. were it not for the slappy synths and a more pronounced pop lineage, we could imagine the new song as a leftover from that last album...

This is definitely a grower, here. You may need to listen to it a few times before it really kicks in, but it eventually pays off. Let's see what GusGus have in store for us.

EDIT: The album's name will be 'Mexico' and it will be released on June 23rd. Look out for remixes of 'Crossfade' by Michael Mayer and Maxeo Plex.

GusGus - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Kompakt - Offical website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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