Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope

Alex Metric and Oliver (the project of Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein) have teamed up once again and the results are massive. The two outfits had worked together on Motion Study, a song by Metric released a year back. The new track, called Hope, is reminiscent of Metric's own franctic music style and Oliver's latest EP, Mechanical (I believe their single The Night is On My Mind must still be causing havoc at the most ecletic dancefloors).

Alex Metric has a vast background both as a producer of original songs and a remixer and most of his works are aimed to clubs and big parades. As for Hope, it comes from an uncredited released song (in 1992) which both acts decided to do revamp. Solid beats, uncompromising synths and a bold mix of techno and house compell us to dance, while small slices of vocals lend the track a personality that really stands out and makes us feel excited and anxious to discover the rest of the EP, which drops April 22nd on Owsla.

The Hope EP comes with two more songs: Spiritism (a minimalistic surprise) and Galaxy (a lavish disco-flavoured madness). Bring it on.

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