Jonas Rathsman - Hope I'm Wrong

Since his debut single, Jonas Rathsman has consistently released great house tunes. 'Tobago', for instance, caused quite a comotion when it first surfaced on the web and the huge 'Feel What I Feel' still grabs its share of attention. The virulent jams produced by this young musician have the innate abillity to express house music the way it is: organic, sensual, provocative, lascivious, kinetical, warm...

His new single - once again released via French Express March 31st - keeps all these features in a tight grip in order to create a mesmerizing piece of art. 'Hope I'm Wrong' is compelling and primordial at the same time. The vocals add to its character, more soulful than energic, a bit despaired has the track's title hints. It's easy to become enticed in such a talented work and Jonas is building himself a steady career with each release.

Give 'Hope I'm Wrong' a listen and be sure to check out his new remixes for Tensnake (brilliant!) and Duke Dumont.

Jonas Rathsman - Facebook | Soundcloud
French Express - Official website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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