Young & Sick - Heartache Fetish

Visual art and music seem to go hand in hand for Young & Sick. Not only he has drawn the art covers for Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, Maroon 5's Overexposed and Foster the People' Torches, he also makes his own music.

Lush and intimistic, Nick's voice is like a warm whisper in your ear. He sings in a confessional style, as one can listen on the wonderfully and fragile House of Spirits, his debut. Since then, he relased exquisit songs that conjure up artists like Junior Boys, The Postal Service, James Blake, Rhye, Charles Murdoch and Dream Koala and throw them in the same basket.

His new song, Heartache Fetish is a soulful lament about love and its pains. The subtle eletronics match perfectly the eerie vocals and the r&b structure of the song. It's quite different from the previous single, Glass, which was dancier and seductive in its graciousness. Both tracks will feature on the selftitled album of Young & Sick

Be sure to check all his songs, because they're are beautifully crafted.

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