Golden Bug (feat. Lou Teti) - Wrong Thing (Villa Remix)

Golden Bug (French Antoine Harispuru, now residing in Barcelona, Spain) has never been an artist concerned about how others might regard his music, and although he is mainly connected with nu-disco, italo and electro, his songs always seem to swap subgenres in the blink of an eye. Only one thing remains certain: he does whatever he wants and his music has an inherent daftness that perspires in tunes like 'Washing Machine', 'Flamingo' and 'Barbie's Back'. After his 2008 debut 'Hot Robot', he started Paris based label La Belle, remixed several artists (Clap Rules, In Flagranti, Whomadewho...) and released a few songs. Now, he's finishing his new album, 'V.I.C.T.O.R.'.

After 'One Way', it's now time for the new single 'Wrong Thing' to make us dance: featuring Lou Teti's vocals, it's once again a paradigmatic change of sound, venturing closer to raw techno and acid than most of Golden Bug's previous tunes. There's a bleak aura surrounding the whispered words, as if the whole thing was a dark descent into someone's subconscious and unspoken thoughts...

As for the remixes, Remain and Jupiter Lion offer different approaches on the original track, but Belgian duo Villa (pictured above) provide the highlight version of it. Trang Thung Thang and François De Meyer almost undress the song from its vocal elements and add some sweetness to the unsettling ambience of 'Wrong Thing', making it an electro devouring tour the force that builds up gradually, while keeping focus on the dancing quirkiness of Golden Bug's own signature. It's quite engaging and worth your while.

Villa have also released a few original tracks on Yuksek's label Partyfine: 'If I' and 'Exotic to Hell' both showcase Villa's ability to make our feet move uncontrollably and deliver some gorgeous pop inventiveness. Their latest single, 'Flying Panties', is a brash and vulgar flirt with heavy basslines which will be featured on soon to be released Partyfine's best-of CD.

Listen to Villa's take on 'Wrong Thing' right now, will you?, and as a bonus enjoy 'Flying Panties'.

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