Moto Boy - Midnight Rain

Moto Boy is Oskar Humlebo. He comes from Sweden and has been one of Opus Sound favourite artists since his first homonymous record released in 2008. His pop muisc is like light and frigile dendelion seeds, floating in a wave of synthetic romantism and elation. He sings about love, holding dear his belief in its mythical nature, but also completely aware of its impossibility. That's why his sound is intimate, grand, young, liturgic, sad, wild, desperate... To the acustic manoeuvres he sometimes adds subtle elements of vintage electronic music, which transform his cries into bursts of naive faith in the matters of the heart.

After his 2010 sophomore album, 'Lost in the Call', he worked on a soundtrack for a theatre play called 'Lubiewo - Kärleksön', but the time has come for a new album. 'Keep Your Darkness Secret' is Moto Boy's third record and comes with all we have come to love on this young and talented artist's music.

Obscure pianos and candid beats are the fulcrum of this 'Midnight Rain', the album's opening track, where Humlebo sings a sad ballad about being in love. His soaring and heartbreaking words lend the song a celestial feeling, as the lyrics sound both like a promise and a prayer. Trully a masterpiece!

You can also see his video for 'Too Young to Know', the second single. It's a more danceable track, with all the elements of his distinctive aura: glamorous and retro synths and great songwriting. 'Keep your Darkness Secret' is already out, since March 26, on swedish label Songs I Wish I Had Written.

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